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TS Newsletter – Volume 2, Issue 5

March 26, 2011
The home opener is finally here!  After opening the account last week with a win, hopefully we can make it two in a row!
Tailgating:  We begin the festivities in our usual spot, Lot C at 2:00 p.m. When entering Lot C by vehicle, when you get to the point where you hand the attendants your parking ticket, look to the right. We’ll be right there on the patch of grass. Look for the TS banner. Give us a yell when coming in – you might even be able to give us a high five from your car. Below is the map. We’ll pack up about 30 minutes or so before kickoff, if not sooner, to enjoy opening day events at the park.

Just like last year, tailgating for TS is a fun, casual and low stress affair. Please bring your own food, beer, tailgating games, balls, chairs, etc, and come and meet all of your new fellow Saints. For all members new and old, ask around for me (Armando) and I’ll get you signed up and hand you your new membership cards. We’ll have a limited supply of Section 101 shirts for sale which are first come, first served, except for those who pre-ordered before last week. If we run out, no worries – we’ll order more in time for the next home match. We still need several more scarf order commitments before we place that order, so when you sign up tomorrow, please denote which of the 3 scarves you like best in the ‘notes’ section of the sign up sheet if you are interested.
Game Time: As some of you may be aware, last year our group was known as they who lofted streamers after Union goals. That practice is no more after security escorted some of us out for doing so. However, confetti is allowed, and we used that for the rest of the season. I encourage you all to bring confetti to throw after Union goals if you can get some on short notice. I just ask that you get paper confetti instead of the shiny, plastic kind (it makes it harder, but not impossible, to drink a beer full of plastic confetti). There might be some security folks who mistakenly think confetti is not allowed, which it is, so you may not want to make it too obvious you have some if you have some, wink, wink.
Da Noise:  Building on last year and going forward through the years, we aim to make our section a more vocal section so please sing along with the Union songs. Better yet, make up your own easy to sing/remember song and pass it around. Be creative. Based on the general vibe from Section 101 last year, we don’t get too rowdy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t sing along and support the Union.
Tell Others: If you enjoy what we do, we encourage you to spread the word to your neighbors in 101 or whatever section you are in about TS.
For anyone out there reading this who is not yet a member but who is interested in seeing what we’re all about, whether you’re in Section 101 or not, please stop by Lot C and say hi. You’re welcome to hang out with us any time and join if you like.
In closing, we look forward to seeing all of our friends from last season as well as all of the new members we have amassed in the offseason.  Any questions, please email  Until tomorrow…
Just Enjoy The Game,
Twitter: @TammanySaints
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