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January 15, 2010

I would like to thank all of the Tammany Saints who were able to make it out to our first event this Thursday at the 2010 MLS Superdraft. The soccer world is abuzz with all of our picks and we look to field a formidable starting 11. Everyone had a great time and I know we all can’t wait for First Kick and the first home game. Here are some pictures from the Field House, pre march.

Seat selection is the next step and we look to settle down in a cozy corner of Section 101, which shall henceforth be dubbed “Saint’s Row.” No supporters club is complete without their own custom scarves so we’ll be ordering scarves to be delivered before the start of the season if we get enough orders. Start saving your pennies and let me know if you would like one so I can get the list started. They’ll be between $20 and $30 dollars but that depends on how many orders there are. Check out this video of a guy who explains his love of soccer scarves. Those of you who know me well know that I love a good soccer scarf. He has 54. I only have 23. I need to work harder. And check this one out of some Zenit St. Petersburg fans whipping the team into a frenzy with their scarves.

The shop is almost fully ready to go so be on the lookout for the full launch. All proceeds from the CafePress shop, as well as the upcoming scarf sales, will go toward club necessities so order up!

Again, thanks to everyone for your support so far. At last count we’re up to 28 members, plus a few others soon to be recruited, which isn’t bad for only being established less than one month. Spread the word amongst your friends. Remember that though we have some soccer die-hards we also have people new to soccer who are developing an appreciation for the beautiful game. Until next time…

Up the Union! Up the Saints!


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