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MLS Superdraft

January 12, 2010

The MLS Superdraft is coming to town and we hope to be well represented. Come join us for drinks at the Field House before we make the march to the Convention Center for the draft. The event will be televised on ESPN2 so set your DVRs and look pretty! Feel free to stop by anytime and don’t feel like you have to stay for the whole event.

Schedule of Events

11:00am – Begin arriving at the Field House Pub, 1150 Filbert, Center City Philadelphia (get there whenever you can)

12:00pm – Some of us will make the short walk to McGillin’s Pub to introduce ourselves to the Sons of Ben

12:30pm – March to the Convention Center

1:00pm – Take our seats. We’ll want to pick out a good spot early. It’s rumored that DC United supporters are showing up by the busload in an effort to show us up so we can’t let that happen.

2:00pm – The MLS Superdraft begins. The first hour will be televised on ESPN2. The whole draft will last a couple of hours.


Check out the Songs tab above and try to learn the Join or Die! song so we can sing it on draft day.


For those of you who ordered the first printing of the Tammany Saints t-shirts, I will be handing them out Thursday at the Field House. They look sharp! If there is enough interest there will be a second printing.


This is our new and modest website and will serve us for the time being. Please look around and click the tabs above to get the story of our name and badge as well as browse some Tammany Saints merchandise on CafePress. If you see something you like please hold off ordering for a couple of days as I’m still setting up the shop.

Any questions, please email me at  I look forward to seeing everybody out on Draft Day!

Up the Union! Up the Saints!


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